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West Africa                   

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Dakar Academy has a successful and enjoyable sports program running primarily soccer, volleyball, softball, and basketball. These sports have boys and girls teams of all ages. Each team has opportunities to play against clubs and schools around the city. We also have a track and field team that competes with our volleyball and soccer teams in the annual Sports Invitational for Private Schools (SIPS) tournament. Below is more detail about our sports. Times and places are being updated. Thank you for your patience. Dan Mulay is Athletic Director.

Rain Check for Intramural Sports: If it rains again after 3 pm on game day, that day's event is cancelled. You can always check with one of the Advanced PE students who organize Intramurals with a little help from Mr. Mac.

High School & Middle School Intramurals for 2013-2014
Handball August to September
8x8 Soccer January
Ultimate Frisbee April

Elementary Intramurals for 2012-2013
Dodgeball October
Kickball November
Soccer March
To be announced May
Mr. Mac coordinates with Mrs. Barbara Van Straten, the Elementary School Principal.

Sports Seasons for 2013-14
Men's Volleyball August through October
Women's Volleyball August through October
Softball September through February
Flag Football November
Track and Field January through March
Women's Soccer November through March
Men's Soccer March through May
Women's Basketball March through May
Men's Basketball November through February
Coach UB & Mr. Mac coordinate.

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