With our knowledge the remarkable widening the range mental disease psychological discoveries, are probably safe in stating also the converse this theory that every distortion the truth traceable, directly or indirectly, some form mental The ideal the newspaper as its name indicates, present the news that state objective facts accurately, fairly, and understandably. With the development modern science, investigation, and industry, many apparently objective facts have no vital meaning for the average reader without expert interpretation.

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If the newspaper what should in accordance with its ideal as an organ the truth, must, where necessary, resort expert interpretation, being careful that such i need help writing a compare and contrast essay interpretation just and unbiased. The newspaper resorts regularly interpretation not always expert, however political and economic problems. It resorts expert interpretation scientific matters related industry. Unfortunately, almost never employs expert interpretation psychological and psychiatric problems. By resorting expert interpretation these problems, could educate the public an understanding many abnormalities that are a constant menace, but concerning which the average help in thesis writing reader has no dependable knowledge. Particularly in the field criminology this important. Our methods dealing with crime, though less barbarous and more kindly, are little more sensible, far as the habitual criminal are concerned, than the methods many years ago.

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There a prevalent belief that habitual crime due intellectual ignorance. As a matter fact, due nothing the sort. Habitual crime in large part, if not entirely, the result organic or functional mental disease. Education the intellect no cure for this. This becomes at once obvious when one considers the fact that the world's leaders in statesmanship, in art, in invention, and in other fields have not infrequently been psychopathic, though not for the most research paper writing services part in a criminal direction.

The same theory holds good with respect the criminally psychopathic. The cure must prescribed the psychiatrist rather than the educator. The psychological disorders that are promotive crime will not cured until the public gains an understanding these disorders, and the newspaper the only medium through which the general public will able gain such an understanding, for the newspaper all that reads.

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The popular reaction discussion the relation crime mental disease that too many persons are acquitted murder, for instance, the ground insanity. umi dissertation services The public palpably wrong. Not fewer, but more, murderers are insane than have been declared insane the courts. If, however, there were an intelligent grasp the facts mental disease, the condition these persons would have been recognized and they would have been cured or restrained before they had had opportunity commit murder.

In this campaign education the newspaper can marked sendee. Probably the most dangerous situation, far as criminology concerned, the public ignorance concerning sex and sex crimes. When sex crimes occur, the average newspaper and the average reader shout such terms as fiend and buy essay cheap degeneracy. online writing services They feel the common repugnance the unnatural or the abnormal, and see in persons guilty sex crimes a wilful moral guilt.

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