I had an opportunity also having this boy and William help writing my college essay Pead inoculated nephew, Mr.

Henry Jenner, whose report as follows I have inoculated Pead and Barge, two the boys whom you lately infected with the cow-pox.

On the second day the incisions were inflamed.

Perhaps a few touches with the lapis septic would have proved equally efficaCIOUS. What effect would a similar treatment produce in inoculation for the smallpox? and there was a pale inflammatory stain around them.

On the third day these appearances were still increasing and their arms itched considerably.

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On the fourth day the inflammation was evidently subsiding, and the sixth day was scarcely perceptible. No symptom indisposition followed.

To convince myself that the variolous matter made use was in a perfect state I at the same time inoculated a patient with some who never had gone through the cow-pox, and produced the smallpox in the usual regular manner. These experiments afforded much satisfaction they proved that writing services reviews the matter, in passing from one human subject another, through five gradations, lost none its original properties, Barge being the fifth who received the infection successively from William Summers, the boy whom was communicated from the cow.

I shall now conclude this inquiry with some general observations the subject, and some others which are interwoven with Although I presume may unnecessary produce further testirpony in support assertion that the cow-pox protects the human constitution from the infection the smallpox, yet affords considerable satisfaction say that Somerville, the President the Board Agriculture, whom this paper was shewn Joseph Banks, has found upon inquiry that the statements were confirmed the concurring testimony Mr.

Dolland, a surgeon, who resides in a dairy country remote from this, in which these observations were made.

With respect the opinion adduced that the source the infection a peculiar morbid matter arising in the horse, although I have not been able prove from actual experiments conducted immediately under own eye, yet the evidence I have adduced appears sufficient establish They who are not in the habit conducting experiments may not aware the coincidence circumstances necessary for their being managed as prove perfectly decisive nor how often men engaged in professional pursuits are liable interruptions which disappoint them almost at the instant their being accomplished however, I feel no room for hesitation respecting the common origin the disease, being well convinced that never appears among the cows except can traced a cow introduced among the gen eral herd which has been previously infected, or an infected servant unless they have been milked some one who, at the same time, has the care a horse affected with diseased heels. The spring the year, which I intended particularly have devoted the completion this investigation, proved, from its dryness, remarkably adverse wishes for frequently happens, while the farmers horses are exposed the cold rains which fall at that season, that their heels become diseased, and no cow-pox then The active quality the reflective essay help virus from the horses heels greatly increased after has acted the nipples the cow, as rarely happens that the horse affects his dresser with sores, and as rarely that a milkmaid escapes the infection when she milks infected cows.

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It most active at the commencement the disease, even before has acquired a pus-like appearance indeed, I not confident whether this property in the matter does not entirely cease as soon as secreted in the form pus. I induced think does cease and that the thin, darkish-looking fluid only, oozing from the newly-formed cracks in the heels, similar what sometimes appears from erysipelatous blisters, which gives the disease. Nor I certain that the nipples the cows are at all times in a state receive the infection. The appearance the disease in the spring and the early part the summer, when they are disposed affected with spontaneous eruptions much more frequently than at other seasons, induces think that the virus from the horse must received upon them when they are in this state, in order produce effects experiments, however, must determine these points. But clear thesis papers for sale that when the cow-pox virus once generated, that the cows cannot resist the contagion, in whatever state their nipples may chance if they are milked with an Whether the matter, either from the cow or the horse, will affect the sound skin the human body, I cannot positively determine probably will not, unless those parts where the cuticle ex It very easy procure pus from old sores the heels horses. This I have often inserted into scratches made with a lancet, the sound nipples cows, and have seen no other effects from than simple inflammation. tremely thin, as the lips, for example. I have known an instance best custom papers a poor girl who produced an ulceration her lip frequently holding her finger her mouth cool the raging a cow-pox sore blowing upon The hands the farmers servants here, from the nature their employments, are constantly exposed those inj uries which occasion abrasions the cuticle, punctures from thorns, and such like accidents that they are always in a state feel the consequence exposure infectious matter. It singular observe that the cow-pox virus, although custom academic writing renders the constitution unsusceptible the variolous, should cheapest article writing service nevertheless, leave unchanged with respect essay writing service legal its own action. I have already produced an instance point out this, and shall now buying research papers corroborate Elizabeth Wynne, who had the cow-pox in the year, was inoculated with variolous matter, without effect, in the year, and again caught the cow-pox in the year. When I saw her, which was the eighth day after she received the infection, I found her affected with general lassitude, shiverings, alternating with heat, coldness the extremities, and a quick and irregular pulse.

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