Our efforts must continued overcome a hesitation use our state hospitals a hesitation due in part ignorance and in part the continuing effect old tradition. Every effort must made bring treatment bear upon the early stages mental disorder, through a continued campaign education and in trying promote the best possible conditions in childhood for those who are handicapped either mental defect or nervous instability which may later lead nervous and mental disorders. The commonwealth has recognized the importance a practical mentalhygiene program, and has provided much legislation make effective The state's program for the feebleminded embraces the following The establishment school clinics the Department Mental Diseases cooperating with the Department Education whereby school children three or more years backward are examined, represents an extraordinary achievement, there being no known similar provision anywhere else in the world.

These clinics have been made constructive from the start, the purpose the examination being not discredit the backward child in any way, but rather ascertain exactly what school progress making insure that not worked beyond his capacity, and that not too much expected him and far as possible ascertain any special reasons for his Approximately, children have been examined since the organization the clinics in the spring. The cordial cooperation with which this work has been received noticeable both the parents and the school authorities are using results the examinations more for the children than has ever been done before.

As a result this work, coursework marking specially unstable children may receive adequate supervision and care.

The continuing census the feebleminded, which the Department Mental Diseases has under way, has far-reaching possibilities the regular checking the lists will show those defectives who are not capable community life and also those the hereditary grade who are likely propagate their kind and who need institutional segregation.

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It will also show the well-developed defectives who are conducting themselves properly and who can safely trusted in the There are now large numbers feebleminded patients our schools for the feebleminded living in the community under slight supervision, practically all behaving themselves and the majority supporting themselves. Recent legislation provides definitely for community supervision the feebleminded, and with provisions for the necessary machinery carry this work a much larger number can cared for in the community, and room made available for those requiring, temporarily at least, institutional care. The schools for the feebleminded should, in the future, function very largely in giving a period training large numbers and then return this group the community earn their own living. It interesting note that a group from one our schools for the feebleminded were supervised in the community last year and earned, collectively, There great need for extension this principle community supervision as far as possible instead expensive institutional support and the large expenditures for the construction buildings new construction costs approximately, per bed annual maintenance, at least per patient. The importance the feebleminded problem now warrants the recommendation that there created with the Department Mental Diseases a Division for the Feebleminded. The state-hospital system conducts well-organized out-patient clinics. This work ghostwriting services should continued and encouraged.


A practical program in mental hygiene looks forward cooperating with the courts in the examination any one where there the least suspicion mental disease or mental defect.

This should encouraged, the end that all courts having with juvenile delinquency could furnished The psychopathic hospital provides a unit the general-hospital type for the reception early cases mental disorder. There a very noticeable tendency make use such small units individuals who, either themselves or their relatives, are unwilling otherwise use the state hospital.

To take advantage this principle, there legislation available for the organization small psychopathic-hospital units.

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Massachusetts has gone far in providing care and treatment the insane and mentally defective. The work being well done to-day and large appropriations are necessary for its continuance. The only escape from constantly increasing expense lies in the adoption more preventive write my english paper measures. I urge the pay to do continuance the help writing argumentative essay support given last year a program prevention offset the growing and increasing demands for institutions care for those whose mental disorders could have been prevented, and the development all means care for the individual, especially the feebleminded, in the community under supervision rather than the more expensive plan establishing new hospital facilities. Southern Branch National Soldiers Home Used for In the letter with which the President the Board Managers the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers transmitted the annual report Congress, the following reference made new provisions for Civil War veterans suffering from mental disorders, which the board feels constitute one the greatest improvements made in recent years With the course time, a great many cases senility have developed among the veterans the Civil War and the facilities which had for the care these men in the different branches the National Home were naturally inadequate, and felt that were not giving the men the care which they are entitled. However, during the later period the use the Southern Branch the army, was largely adapted for the use neuropsychiatric patients and was turned over the board the army with a great deal equipment for the proper care mental cases. With the equipment ready for this use, the board adopted the plan transferring from the branches in the East the Southern Branch all cases senility, and the result has been that are now able give this class unfortunate veterans the care which they are entitled, and the board feels that they have done a worthy act in furnishing these aged men with proper medical attention, nursing, The Southern Branch beautifully situated at Hampton, Virginia, opposite Old Point Comfort, and has long been considered the most attractive the National Soldiers homes.

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