But even as they see that the credulous and vain are disposed at the first blush accept and believe everything that proposed them, they observe that the dull and unintellectual are indisposed see what lies before their eyes, and even deny the light the noonday sun.

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They teach in our course philosophy sedulously avoid the fables the poets and the fancies the vulgar, as the false conclusions the sceptics.

And then the studious and good and true, never suffer their minds warped the passions hatred and envy, which unfit men duly weigh the arguments that are advanced in behalf truth, or appreciate the proposition that even fairly demonstrated. Neither they think unworthy them change their opinion if truth and undoubted demonstration require them They not esteem discreditable desert error, though sanctioned the highest antiquity, for they know full well that err, deceived, human that many things are discovered accident and that many may learned indifferently from any quarter, an old man from a youth, a person understanding from one inferior capacity.

My dear colleagues, I had no purpose swelJ this treatise into a large volume quoting the names and writings anatomists, or make a parade the strength memory, the extent reading, and the amount pains because I profess both learn and teach anatomy, not from books but from dissections not from the positions philosophers but from the fabric nature and then because I not think right or proper strive take from the ancients any honor that their due, nor yet dispute with the moderns, and enter university assignment writing service into controversy with those who have excelled in anatomy and been teachers.

I would not charge with wilful falsehood anyone who was sincerely anxious for truth, nor lay anyone's door as a crime that had fallen into error.

I avow myself the partisan truth alone and I can indeed say that I have used all endeavours, bestowed all pains an attempt produce something that should agreeable the good, profitable the learned, and useful letters. And think kindly your Anatomist, As are about discuss the motion, action, and use the heart and arteries, imperative first state what has been thought these things others in their writings, and what has been held the vulgar and tradition, in order that what true may confirmed, and what false set right dissection, multiplied experience, and Almost all anatomists, physicians, and philosophers the present time have supposed, with Galen, that the object the pulse was the same as that respiration, and only differed in one particular, this being conceived depend the animal, the respiration the vital faculty the two, in all other respects, whether with reference purpose or motion, comporting themselves alike.

Whence affirmed, as Hieronymus Fabricius Aquapendente, in his book Respiration, which has lately appeared, that as the pulsation the heart and arteries does not suffice for the ventilation and refrigeration the blood, therefore were the lungs fashioned surround the heart.

From this appears that whatever has hitherto been said upon the systole and diastole, or the motion the heart and arteries, has been said with especial But as the structure and movements the heart differ from those the lungs, and the motions the arteries from those best cheap essay writing service the chest, seems likely that other ends and offices will thence arise, and that the pulsations and uses the heart, likewise the arteries, will differ in many respects from the heavings and uses the chest and lungs. For did the arterial pulse and the respiration serve the same ends did the arteries in their diastole take air into their cavities, as commonly stated, and in their systole emit fuliginous vapours the same pores the flesh and skin and further, did they, in the time intermediate between the diastole and the systole, contain air, and at all times either air or spirits, or fuliginous vapours, what should then said Galen, who wrote a book purpose show that nature the arteries contained blood, and nothing but blood, and consequently neither spirits nor air, as may readily gathered from the experiments and reasonings contained in the same book? Now, if the arteries are filled in the diastole with air then taken into them a larger quantity air penetrating when the pulse large and full, must come pass that if you plunge into a bath buy essay writing water or oil when the pulse strong and full, ought forthwith become either smaller or much slower, since the circumambient bath will render either difficult or impossible for the air penetrate.

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In like manner, as all the arteries, those that are deep-seated as well as those that are superficial, are dilated at the same instant and with the same rapidity, how possible that air should penetrate the deeper parts as freely and quickly through the skin, flesh, writing a thesis paragraph and other structures, as through the cuticle alone? And how should the arteries the fætus draw air into their cavities through the abdomen the mother and the body the womb? And how should seals, whales, dolphins, and other cetaceans, and fishes every description, living in the depths the sea, take in and emit air the diastole and systole their arteries through the infinite mass water? For say that they absorb the air that present in the water, and emit their fumes into this medium, were utter something like a figment. And if the arteries in their systole expel fuliginous vapours from their cavities through the pores the flesh and skin, why not the spirits, which are said contained in those vessels, at the same time, since spirits are much more subtile than fuliginous vapours or smoke? And if the arteries take in and cast out air in the systole and diastole, like the lungs in the process respiration, why they not the same thing when a wound made in one them, as in the operation arteriotomy? When the windpipe divided, sufficientl obvious that the air enters and returns through the wound two opposite movements but when an artery divided, equally manifest that blood escapes in need help with your dissertation one continuous stream, and that no air either enters or issues.

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If the pulsations the arteries fan and refrigerate the several parts the body as the lungs the heart, how comes as commonly said, that the arteries carry the vital blood into the different parts, abundantly charged with vital spirits, which cherish the heat these parts, sustain them when asleep, and recruit them when exhausted? How should happen that, if you tie the arteries, immediately the parts not only become torpid, and frigid, and look pale, but at length cease even nourished? This, according Galen, because they are deprived the heat which flowed through all parts from the heart, as its source whence would appear that the arteries rather carry warmth need a thesis statement for research paper the parts than serve for any fanning or refrigeration.

Besides, how can their diastole draw spirits from the heart warm the body proofread my essay and its parts, and means cooling them from without? Still further, although some affirm that the lungs, arteries, and heart have all the same offices, they yet maintain that the heart the workshop the spirits, and that the arteries contain and transmit them denying, however, in opposition the opinion Columbus, that the lungs can either make or contain spirits.

They then assert, with Galen, against Erasistratus, that the blood, not spirits, which contained in the arteries. These opinions are seen incongruous and mutually subversive, that everyone them justly brought under suspicion. That blood and blood alone which contained in the arteries made manifest the experiment Galen, arteriotomy, and wounds for from a single divided artery, as Galen himself affirms in more than one place, the whole the blood may withdrawn in the course half an hour or less. The experiment Galen alluded this If you include a portion an artery between two ligatures, and slit open lengthwise you will find nothing but blood and thus proves that the arteries contain only blood. And too may permitted proceed a like train reasoning if find the same blood in the arteries as in the veins, after having tied them in the same way, as I have myself repeatedly ascertained, both in the dead body and in living animals, may fairly conclude that the arteries contain the same blood as the veins, and nothing but the same blood. Some, whilst they attempt lessen the difficulty, affirm that the blood spirituous and arterious, and virtually concede that the office the arteries custom essay writing service carry blood from the heart into the whole the body, and that they are therefore filled with blood for spirituous blood not the less blood that account. And no one denies the blood as such, even the portion which flows in the veins, imbued with spirits. But if that portion which contained in the arteries richer in spirits, still believed that these spirits are inseparable from the blood, like those in the veins that the blood and spirits constitute one body like whey and butter in milk, or heat in hot water, with which the arteries are charged, and for the distribution which from the heart they are provided. This body nothing else than blood. But if this blood said drawn from the heart into toe arteries the diastole these vessels, then assumed that the arteries their distension are filled with blood, and not with the surrounding air, as heretofore for if they said also become filled with air from the ambient atmosphere, how and when, I ask, can they receive blood from the heart? If answered during the systole, I take impossible the arteries would then have fill while they contracted, fill, and yet not become distended.

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