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OF THE MOTION OF THE HEART AND ITS AURICLES, AS SEEN IN THE BESIDES the motions already spoken have still consider those that appertain the auricles.

Caspar Bauhin and John Riolan most learned men and skilful anatomists, inform that from their observations, that if carefully watch the movements the heart in the vivisection an animal, shall perceive four motions best custom writing services distinct in time and in place, two which are proper the auricles, two the ventricles.

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With all deference such authority I say that there are four motions distinct in point place, but not time for the two auricles move together, and also the two ventricles, in such wise that though the places four, the times are only two. And this occurs in the There are, as were, two motions going together one the auricles, another the ventricles these no means taking place simultaneously, but the motion the auricles preceding, that the heart following the motion appearing begin from the auricles and extend the ventricles. When all things are becoming languid, and the heart dying, as also in fishes and the colder blooded animals there a short pause between these two motions, that the heart aroused, as were, appears respond the motion, now more quickly, now more tardily and at length, when near death, ceases respond its proper motion, but seems, as were, nod the head, and slightly moved that appears rather give signs motion the pulsating auricles than aotually move. The heart, therefore, ceases pulsate sooner than the auricles, that the auricles have been said outlive the left ventricle ceasing pulsate first all !then its auricle, next the right ventricle. and, finally, all the other parts being at rest and dead, as Galen long since observed, the right auricle still continues beat life, therefore, appears linger longest in the right auricle.

Whilst the heart gradually dying, sometimes seen reply, after two Bauhin, cap, I, Riolan, lib, viii, cap.

or three contractions the auricles, roused as were action, and making a single pulsation, slowly, unwillingly, and with an But this especially noted, that after the hearrt has ceased beat, the auricles however still contracting, a finger placed upon the vellltricles perceives the several pulsations the auricles, precisely in the same way and for the same reason, as have said, that,the pulses the ventricles are felt in help with dissertation writing the arteries, wit, the distension produced the jet blood. And if at this time, the auricles alone pulsating, the point the heart cut off with a pair scissors, you will perceive the blood flowing out upon each contraction the auricles.

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Whence manifest that the blood enters the ventricles, not any attraction or dilatation the heart, but being thrown into them the pulses the auricles. And here I would observe, that whenever I speak pulsations as occurring in the auricles or ventricles, I mean contraotions first the auricles contract, and then and subsequently the heart itself contracts.

When the auricles contract they are seen become whiter, especially where they contain but little blood but they are filled as magazines or reservoirs the blood, which tending spontaneousl and, its motion in the veins, under pressure towards the centre the whiteness indicated most conspicuous towards the extremities or edges the auricles at the rime their contractions. In fishes and frogs, and other animals which have hearts with but a single ventricle, and for an auricle have a kind bladder much distended with blood, at the base the organ, you may very plainly perceive this bladder contraoting first, and the contraction the heart or ventricle following afterwards. But I think right describe what I have observed an opposite character the heart an eel, several fishes, and even some the higher animals taken out the body, pulsates without auricles nay, if cut in pieces the several parts may still seen contracting and relaxing that in these creatures the body the heart may seen pulsating and palpitating, after the cessation all motion in the auricle. But not this perchance peculiar animals more tenacious life, whose radical moisture more glutinous, or fart and sluggish, and less readily soluble? The same faculty indeed appears in the flesh eels, which even when skinned and embowelled, and cut into pieces, are still seen move. Experimenting with a pigeon upon one occasion, after the heart had wholly ceased pulsate, and the auricles too had become motionless, I kept finger. wetted with saliva and warm for a short time upon the heart, and observed that under the influence this fomentation recovered new strength and life, that both ventricles and auricles pulsated, contracting and relaxing alternately, recalled as were from death life. Besides this, however, I have occasionally observed, after the heart and even its right auricle had ceased pulsating,-when was in articulo mortis in short,-that an obscure motion, an undulation or palpitation, remained in the blood itself, which help with thesis writing was contained in the right auricle, this being apparent long as was imbued with heat and spirit. And, indeed, a circumstance the same kind extremely manifest in the course the generation animals, as may seen in the course the first seven days the incubation the chick A drop blood makes its appearance which palpitates, as Aristotle had already observed from this, when the growth further advanced and the chick fashioned, the auricles the heart are formed, which pulsating henceforth help me write a good thesis give constant signs life. When at length, and after the lapse a few days, the outline. the body begins distinguished, then the ventricular part the heart also produced, but continues for a time white and apparently i need help writing my narrative essay bloodless, like the rest the animal neither does pulsate or give signs motion.

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