He went out four years ago, before supervision began, and fell into the hands unscrupulous people, who, although they did not lead him into any actual wrongdoing, academic essay writer fleeced him all his earnings.

When was located, was placed in a different environment and now doing well. Three the one hundred boys have been returned the school one for committing an indecent assault, another because either could not or would not keep a job and his best essay writing service reviews people wished his return, and the third a young boy whose training not yet completed, and who lost his job during the recent business depression because his people wished him Of the extra-institutional cases still in the community, five are young boys with a fairly high who are living at home and attending the public schools.

Two other boys with a mentality less than eight years are doing farm work at home.

One boy, twenty-four years old, has a mental age less than eight, and in addition hemiplegic. He unable hold a position however, able much assistance in housework at home.

Another boy has a six-year-old mind and can little that economic value, although academic writing help centre apa style some assistance his people.

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Two boys are in the army, one in the navy, and another taking the government vocationaltraining work.

Four boys are out work because the hard times. These four are living at home and are closely supervised their people. Two boys have been sent reform schools.

Notwithstanding the present scarcity work, and the fact that a number have had find new jobs, medical school essay writing service seventyeight boys are working and are self-supporting, although many them have been reduced in pay or have had take An investigation the conditions that led the commitment these boys showed that forty-five were admitted the school through the courts for misdemeanors a more or less serious nature, or because their antisocial best essay help traits and acts had disturbed their relatives that they felt something must done.

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Perhaps the most serious case was that a boy with a nine-year-old mind who got into bad company and, following the example his associates, who i will pay you to write my paper were older, drank heavily.

One night, in trying get money out a gas meter in order buy more liquor, broke college application essay service the pipes and gas escaped, essays on helping the needy killing his crony, who was lying in a drunken stupor. This was serious an offense that only after much deliberation did the courts decide consider the boy not responsible for the act and send him the school, where remained a long time. His drinking had been due the example his low associates rather than any strong desire for liquor. While at the school this habit sank into the background, and established habits quiet, orderly living and industry. About medical school essay service three years ago was allowed home trial. His people now understand the situation and are giving him excellent supervision. He works steadily and earns thirty dollars a week, which gives his mother. He not spending his evenings the streets and has not drifted back his old habits and acquaintances. He goes out with his brother the movies or theaters, and faithful in his Twenty-five the hundred were admitted the school because their parents wanted them have the advantages the training at the school twenty were admitted through the efforts social agencies working throughout the state and ten came through the efforts hospitals or doctors. The boys entered the institution at various ages, but most them were brought when they were young, eight or nine years old, stayed until they had passed the adolescent period unrest, and went out at nineteen years age or more. The range wages for the group under eight years mentally runs. per week.

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