With the new idea conceived the student and proved his research, embark with confidence demonstrations in mass prove the result in To direct our efforts, need a specialist in preventive as in curative medicine. This specialist shall our consultant in mental hygiene, for school, prison, and shop, whom educators and employers can come for advice.

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Our committees for mental hygiene serve the purpose community consultants in the problems mental health.

These committees, both national and local, are the research students the community, and execute studies man in the mass, as the human discloses the manner his mental defects only in contact and in conflict, in competition with his fellows. The committee also the center for the accumulation and distribution exact information, assemble, prove, and encourage results and warn new community efforts failures due old methods and unsound technic.

The specialist service for mental health will in peace what the special consultant did in the european Expeditionary Forces that save the mentally fit from the too common civilian practice abusing, imprisoning, penalizing, and brutalizing the mentally feeble, the misfit, the temporarily disturbed.

Specialist service means the same gentleness, judg ment, certainty, and success in saving minds as does when applied the saving limbs, eyes, or lungs. What as a committee are searching for some touchstone humor, some gilded gift oratory, some inspiration the teacher which will give a change mind.

college papers help Why was a disgrace twenty-five years ago have consumption in the family ! Why in our self-righteousness hide the syphilitic? Because have had too little courage seek and know the truth and prevent through knowledge rather than hide in So now can see a time when the strange child, the strained mother, the confused and hounded workman will appeal hospitals for relief from the twisted personality, the beaten brain, the incapable self-control as they now run them for diabetes, appendicitis, or typhoid fever.

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Why a broken mind or a half-developed character should considered a disgrace, when broken cardiac compensation and lame joints are matters almost family pride, hard see.

Our education in these matters can't rise article writer higher than its source.

The medical student, until recently, has seen all varieties flat feet and rarely had the army deformed minds and characters passed before him.

The psychiatric social workers to-day are better educated in the causes and manifestations the mentally abnormal than the rank and file This new conception the social service medicine through the help writing a thesis statement for a research paper practice prevention in mental hygiene proving a blessing the physician the body.

It reincarnating him as a physician the personality as well. We can't forward any public-health campaign without Medical education and leadership.

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Facilities for diagnosis and care. Study, research, and information. All health campaigns have gone through these phases. The principles are similar in all the results in mental hygiene promise more than others because the quality them. The essential spirit health and happiness mental and has a future as far beyond that physical-disease control as the mind man the greater objective for which build the As a student and practitioner preventive medicine, I appeal you, the public, put into our hands as trustees the wherewithal teach all that can learned and applied for the discovery, protection, and repair disordered minds. Until you feel this burden and this hope as you were convinced the truth the disciples buy a college paper the antrtuberculosis campaign twenty years ago, your truly democratic generosity in the other fields public health will not bring in its best or final You are asked now reduce the salient mental disease which dominates, as did the St. Mihiel salient, all other incidents in the grand attack. Whatever the field effort, investments in preventive medicine have brought in bonanza dividends far surpassing the prophecies professors or health officers. In our relations our fellows, owe them truth and escape from ignorance, faith in the lessons science, the experience physicians pre written essays for sale as has been better put one who spoke Health as the first Wealth A few great points steadily reappear, alike in the poverty the obscurest farm and in the miscellany metropolitan life.. These few are alone regarded the escape from all false ties, courage what are, and love what simple top online resume writing services and beautiful, independence and cheerful relations, these are the essentials these and the wish serveto add somewhat the well-being men.

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