Positive evidences venereal diseasp The table dealing with mental conditions has already been discussed, but Ave cannot resist saying, in connection with remarks our statistical findings, that although appreciate the valuable background that general social facts supply, the part our study immediately and fundamentally useful in dealing with our cases day day that which affords differentiation, but which not easy tabulate in other words, that which acquaints not only with the mental status, but with individual traits and temperaments, qualities that cause one girl react a situation quite differently from another girl who her statistical double. The preparation an annual report in the nature stock taking and should lead some definite conclusions that strengthen opinions previously held or point new ideas, the value which confirmed or disproved.

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A review the mental work the past year, buy coursework online linked that previous years, leads the following somewhat unrelated conclusions I. Our method study and individualized treatment fundamentally sound. Its flexibility has been tested the different groups with which II. For extra-institutional cases the most effective treatment lies in the establishment a comprehensive, friendly relationship between coursework uk the girl III.

The difficulty securing research paper writer services custodial care for doctoral dissertations online highgrade mentally defective persons, owing inadequate accommodations and lack parental cooperation, also the waste the time and energy social workers in trying supervise these cases in the community, lead advocate an extension the colony system.

IV. A psychiatric clinic should a permanent department the Women's Day Court, not only for the sake weeding out committable cases mental defect, epilepsy, and cheap thesis writing services mental disease, but also aid in constructive work with girls mentally capable benefiting from probation, furnishing some clue personality and mental V.

Psychiatry has a very real contribution make educational institutions. While undoubtedly advantageous detect need help writing a scholarship essay and treat as early as possible actnal or potential mental and nervous cases, a fact that at the present time, since little psychiatric work has been done in any schools, the high schools, with their adolescent groups, present material rich in possibilities for these men were in service during the period the war, in either the army or the navy, and all have applied for government compensation, claiming that they are at present suffering from a disability resulting from their war service.

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They were sent the hospital for treatment the United States Veterans Bureau and were referred in the course examination the consulting neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Robert Kingman, for diagnosis. As an aid in determining diagnosis and treatment, requested the writer, a social worker the staff the Red Cross, interview each man and obtain a detailed history his case. This was done at the hospital under quiet conditions, and as much information as possible was obtained from each man regarding every period his life. In a majority cases, cooperation was easily obtained, as was explained that the information was sought at the request the physician and was a part his examination.

The histories have been verified in part reports from the Home Service sections the Red Cross. Much the information regarding compensation has been gathered from official letters from the Veterans Bureau in Washington.

We feel that as a whole the information reliable and that a very fanpicture the previous life and personality each man has The group ninety-four men selected for study in this paper were those for whom a diagnosis some form psvchoneurosis was made. No cases have been mcludod where the diagnosis was that some form neurological disease, constitutional psychopathic inferiority, feeblemindedness, ideopathic or traumatic epilepsy, cerebrospinal syphilis, The diagnoses made the neuropsychiatrist for the group These diagnoses are all subdivisions the general classification psychoneurosis, and the dividing line between them not a hard-and-fast one. They are the so-called shell-shock cases which the war brought into prominence. The clinical pictures that they present have very striking similarities, the same train symptoms being present in practically every case, with slight modifications in one direction or another. The most prominent symptoms are a generalized feeling nervousness, lack ability concentrate, restlessness, insomnia, irritability, headaches usually dull, but lone duration depression and desire for solitude, dizziness with or without loss consciousness, and a feeling inadequacy. Accompanying these there are generally some somatic symp toms, such as pain in the heart or chest, shortness breath, This paper aims show something the social history these men, their general background before the war, the type experience they had during the war, and their history since the war. We have picked out for tabulation information the following points age, birthplace and race, education, occupation before service, service record including rank, place service, wounds, accidents and illness suffered in service, and hospitalization during service employment since discharge, hospitalization since discharge, and amount government compensation and vocational training received.

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