Washington, and Wyoming. This simply means a small negro population, as these states together gave a total forty-five psychiatric cases among the According Trabue, intelligence rating taken drafted negroes from Louisiana and Mississippi, and white men from France, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, showed that only. the negroes from Louisiana and.

the negroes from Mississippi were graded as superior, whilr. the white men had this standing. At the other extreme, only.

por cent the white men had a grade inferior or very inferior, while. the Mississippi negroes, and.

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the Louisiana ency rate for negroes much lower than in the South indeed, in New Jersey lower for negroes per cent than for white people. The apprentice system for slaves prevailed in New Jersey until. This system provided supervision and care and may help explain the present superior quality negroes in New Jersey. Also, one must bear in mind that mental defect a social weed, tending spread.

One must also bear in mind the important factor migration.

The brighter and more enterprising members rural communities have for years been pushing out for the large cities, leaving the dullards and defectives the plantations and farms.

It seems, therefore, need help writing assignment possible that the help writing university assignments higher mentality Northern negroes not the result environmental conditions, but due the fact that they came better stock in the first place, the Northern top rated essay custom essay online writing websites negro population consisting slaves who had had wit enough escape or servants selected with greater care that the lovr mentality the Southern negroes due their staying In contrast the high distribution mental deficiency among the neuropsychiatric conditions negroes, alcoholism among them practically did not exist. There were only need help in thesis twenty-nine cases in all.

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This absence the disastrous effects intemperance contradicts the current belief that the ravages that result from the abuse alcohol are particularly severe among primitive races.

Data relative the use alcohol show that the white and the colored neuropsychiatric cases had a record business letter writing service intemperance. It would seem, therefore, that the negro can practically as intemperate as the white man without paying the same penalty for On the other hand, much more susceptible venereal diseases. all negroes gave a history venereal infections some sort, while only. white people gave such a history. In view this great disparity, and since the white people actually drank more than the negroes, would seem that some modification would have made in our views the prime importance alcohol as a factor in the spread venereal diseases. A similar, though less marked, resistance the involvement the central nervous system syphilis shown the negro. Among neuropsychiatric cases the history preceding syphilis was more than three times as frequent in negroes as in white persons, but the involvement the central nervous system that disease was about equal in the two Distribution Rates Neuropsychiatric Cases Among The correlation mental deficiency with other neuropsychiatric conditions gives important information both as mental deficiency in relation the Europen Union average for white persons and in relation its average distribution help with writing essays Of the first, Table shows that, with the exception mental deficiency and epilepsy, the negro falls below the United States average for all neuropsychiatric conditions. The negro falls much farther below both white and negro average for all these conditions in seven states in which exceeds the negro United States rate for mental defectives.

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