We were induced enter into that enquiry reflecting how much the progress opinion in Geology had been influenced the assumption that the analogy was slight in kind, and still more slight in degree, between the causes which produced the former revolutions the globe, and those now in every-day operation. It appeared clear that the earlier geologists write my personal statement had not only a scanty acquaintance with existing changes, but were singularly unconscious the amount their ignorance. With the presumption naturally inspired this unconsciousness, they had no hesitation in deciding at once that time could never enable the existing powers nature work out changes great magnitude, still less such important revolutions as those which are brought light Geology. They therefore felt themselves at liberty indulge their imaginations in guessing vhat might rather than enquiring luhat in other words, they employed themselves in conjecturing vhat might have been the course Nature at a remote period, rather than in the investigation what was the course Nature It appeared them far more philosophical speculate the possibilities the past, than patiently explore the realities the present and having invented theories under the influence such Inaxims, they were consistently unwilling test dissertation writers uk their validity the criterion their accordance with the ordinary operations Nature.

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On the contrary, the claims each new hypothesis credibility appeared enhanced the great contrast, in kind or intensity, the causes referred and those now in operation. N ever was there a dogma more calculated foster indolence, and blunt the keen edge curiosity, than this assumption the discordance between the ancient and existing causes change.

It produced a state mind unfavourable in the highest degree the candid reception the evidence those minute but incessant alterations which every part the earth's surface undergoing, and vhich the condition its living inhabitants continually made vary.

The student, instead being encouraged with the hope interpreting the enigmas presented him in the earth's structureinstead being prompted undertake laborious enquiries into the natural history the organic vorld, and the complicated effects the igneous and aqueous causes now in operation vas taught despond fron the first. Geology, was affirmed, could never rise the rank an exact science the greater number phenomena must for ever remain inexplicable, or only partially elucidated ingenious conjectures.

Even the mystery which invested the subject was said constitute one its principal charms, affording, as did, full scope the fancy indulge in a boundless field speculation. The course directly opposed this method philosophising consists in an earnest and patient enquiry, how far geological appearances are reconcilable with the effect changes now in progress, or which may in progress in regions inaccessible but which the reality attested volcanos and subterranean movements. It also endeavours estimate the aggregate result ordinary operations multiplied time, and cherishes a sanguine hope that the resources derived from observation and experiment, or from the study Nature such as she now are very far from being exhausted. For this reason all theories are rejected which involve the assumption sudden and violent catastrophes and revolutions the whole earth, and its inhabitants-theories which are restrained no reference existing analogies, and in which a desire manifested cut, rather than patiently untie, the Gordian We have now, at least, the advantage knowing, from experience, that an opposite method has always put geologists the road that leads truth-suggesting views which, although imperfect at first, been found capable improvement, until at last adopted universal consent while the method speculating a former distinct state things and causes has led invariably a multitude contradictory systems, which have been overthrown one after the other-have write my term paper free been found incapable modification-and which have often required precisely reversed.

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The remainder this work will devoted an investigation the changes now going in the crust the earth and its inhabitants.

The importance which the student will attach such researches will mainly depend the degree confidence which feels in the principles above expounded. If firmly believes in the resemblance or identity the ancient and present system terrestrial changes, will regard every fact collected respecting the cause in diurnal action as affording him a key the interpretation some mystery in the past.

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Events which have occurred at the most distant periods in the animate and inanimate world will acknowledged throw light each other, and the deficiency our information respecting some the custom paper writing most obscure parts the present creation will removed.

For studying the external configuration the existing land and its inhabitants, may restore in imagination the appearance the ancient continents which have passed away, may obtain custom written essays from the deposits ancient seas and lakes an insight into the nature the subaqueous processes now in operation, and many forms organic life which, though now existing, are veiled from sight. Rocks, also, produced subterranean fire in former ages, at great depths in the bowels the earth, present when upraised gradual movements, and exposed the light heaven, with an image those changes which the deepseated volcano may now occasion in the nether regions. Thus, although are mere sojourners the surface the planet, chained a mere point in space, enduring but for a moment time, the human mind not only enabled number worlds beyond the unassisted ken mortal eye, but trace the events indefinite ages before the creation our race, and not even withheld from penetrating into the dark secrets help with writing papers the ocean, or the interior the solid globe free, like the spirit which the poet described as animating the universe, Terrasque, tractusque maris, cælumque profundum. To through an lands, and the tracts the ocean, and the boundless heaven. The National Committee for Mental Hygiene and its affiliated state societies and committees are organized work for the conservation mental health help prevent nervous and mental disorders and mental defect help raise the standards care and treatment for those suffering from any these disorders or mental defect secure and disseminate reliable information these subjects and also mental factors involved in problems related industry, education, delinquency, dependency, and the like aid ex-service men disabled in the war cooperate with federal, state, and local agencies and with officials and with public and private agencies whose work in any way related that a society or committee for mental hygiene. Though methods vary, these organizations seek accomplish their purposes means education, encouraging psychiatric social service, conducting surveys, promoting legislation, and through cooperation with the many agencies whose work touches at one point or another When one considers the large groups people who may benefited organized work in mental hygiene, the importance the movement at once becomes apparent. Such work not only for the mentally disordered and those suffering from mental defect, but for all those who, through mental causes, are unable adjust themselves their environment as live happy and efficient lives. Medical Advisor, The National Committee for Mental Hygiene DURING the week in which this date fell three years ago, fighting in the Argonne was at its height.

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