I have seen a similar condition the heart in the human fætus about the beginning the third month, the heart then being whitish and bloodless, although its auricles contained a considerable quantity purple blood.

In the same way in the egg, when the chick was formed and had increased in size, the heart too increased and acquired ventricles, which then began receive and transmit blood.

And this college essay writing consultant writing services online leads remark that who inquires very particularly into this matter will not conclude that the heart, as a whole, the primum vivens, ultimum moriens,-the first part live, the last die,-but rather its auricles, or the part which corresponds the auricles In serpents, fishes, etc.

which both lives before the heart Nay, has not the blood itself or spirit an obscure palpitation inherent which has even appeared to retain after death? and seems very questionable whether or not are say that life begins with the palpitation or beating the heart. The seminal fluid all animals-the prolific spirit, as Aristotle served, leaves their body with a bound and like a living thing and nature in death, as Aristotle further remarks, retracing her steps, reverts where she had set out, and returns at the end her course the goal whence she had started.

As animal generation proceeds from that which not animal, entity from non-entity, a retrograde course, entity, corruption, resolved into non-entity, whence that in animals, which was last created, fails first and that which was first, fails last.

I have also observed that almost all animals have truly a heart, not the larger creatures only, and those cheap essay service that have red blood, but the smaller, and pale-blooded ones also, such as slugs, snails, scallops, shrimps, crabs, crayfish, and many others nay, even in wasps, hornets, and flies, I have, with the aid a magnifying glass, and at the upper part what called the tail, both seen the heart pulsating myself, and shown many others.

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But in the pale-blooded tribes the heart pulsates sluggishly and deliberately, contracting slowly as in animals that are moribund, a fact that may readily seen in the snail, whose heart will found at the bottom that orifice in the right side the body which seen opened and shut in the course respiration, and whence saliva discharged, the incision being made in the upper aspect the body, near the part help me write a good thesis which corresponds the liver. This, however, observed that in winter and the colder season, exsanguine animals, such as the snail, show no pulsation they seem rather live after the manner vegetables, or those other productions which are therefore designated plant-animals.

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It also noted that all animals which have a heart have also auricles, or something analogous auricles and, further, that whenever the heart has a double ventricle, there are always two auricles present, but not otherwise. If you turn the produotion the chick in ovo, however, you will find at first no more a vesicle or auricle, or pulsating drop blood only and when the development has made some progress, that the heart fashioned even in certain animals not destined attain the highest perfection in their organization, such as bees, wasps, snails, shrimps, crayfish, etc. only find a certain pulsating vesicle, like a sort red or white palpitating point, as the beginning or principle We have a small shrimp in these countries, which taken in the Thames and in the sea, the whole whose body transparent this creature, placed in a little water, has frequently afforded myself and particular friends an opportunity observing the motions the heart with the greatest help on writing a thesis statement distinctness, the external parts the body presenting no obstacle our view, but the heart being perceived as though had been seen through a window.

I have.

also observed the first rudiments the chick in the course the fourth or fifth day the incubation, in the guise a little cloud, the shell having been removed and the egg immersed in clear tepid water.

In the midst the cloudlet in question there was a bloody point small that disappeared during the contraction and escaped the sight, but in the relaxation reappeared again, red and like the point a pin that betwixt the visible and invisible, betwixt being and not being, as were, gave its pulses a kind representation the commencement life.

OF THE MOTION, ACTION AND OFFICE OF THE HEART FROM these and other observations a similar nature, help with assignment writing I persuaded will found that the motion the heart as follows First all. the auricle contracts, and in the course its contraction forces the blood which contains in ample quantity as the head the veins, the store-house and cistern the blood into the ventricle, which, being filled, the heart raises itself straightway, makes all its fibres tense, contracts the ventricles, and performs a beat, which beat immediately sends the blood supplied the auricle into the arteries. The right ventricle sends its charge into the lungs the vessel which called vena arteriosa, but which in structure and function, and all other respects, an artery. The left ventricle help with writing a speech sends its charge into the aorta, and through this the These two motions, one the ventricles, the other the auricles, take place consecutively, college paper writing service but in such a manner that there a kind harmony or rhythm preserved bet veen them, the two concurring in such wise that but one motion apparent, especially in the warmer blooded animals, in which the movements in question are rapid. Nor this for any other reason than in a piece. chinery, in which, though master dissertation one wheel gives motion another, yet all the phd dissertation writing services wheels seem move simultaneously or in that mechanical con. trivance which adapted firearms, where, the trigger being touched, down comes the flint, strikes against the steel, elicits a spark, which falling among the powder, ignites when the flame extends, enters. the barrel, causes the explosion, propels the ball, and the mark attained-all which incidents, reason the celerity with which they happen, seem to take place in the twinkling an eye. So also in deglutition the elevation the root the tongue, and the compression the mouth, the food or drink pushed into the fauces, when the larynx closed its muscles and,the epiglottis. The pharynx then raised and opened its mus.

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