We not feel necessary seek justification for the organization these clinics in some vague, ill-defined hope that they may tend toward the prevention mental disease Ave feel that their existence justified the immediate results obtained. A neurotic child or one struggling with some imdesirable habit problem, who finding difficult make early adaptations and face everyday problems in a normal, healthy manner, may very easily become the dominant member the household and not infrequently the direct or indirect cause much family strife. All too frequently such a child becomes the economic hazard or the social menace that eventually leads the disintegration the home. Such a child not only demands, but usually gets, a disproportionate share the parents time, the neglect the other children and their consequent jealousy, envy, and resentment. Although no claim made at this time that there any relation between these undesirable habits in childhood and the mental breakdowns later life, not difficult see that these infantile reactions closely resemble the psychoneurotic manifestations in adult life and that a fundamental lack inhibitions may the dominating characteristic in a criminal career. We all appreciate that the success or failure the individual adapt himself in a manner satisfactory those with whom associated may depend upon numerous and varied factors, all very intricate and involved and frequently closely interwoven with one another bad bodily health dependent, perhaps, upon some simple problem nutrition or an improper balance between the glands internal secretion, a nervous system incapable functioning in a normal maimer, and the less well-defined inherent defects that prevent the normal development the instinctive and emotional life the individual.

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Although one or more the foregoing factors may presenl in a greal majority the cases that are failing HABIT CLINICS FOR CHILDREN OP PRESCHOOL AGE make the grade, cannot ignore the fact that often the stumblingblock not within the individual himself, but in the environment in which reared that there a group cases, how large or small cannot say at this time, who become the victims their environment rather than their heredity, their economic or social failure having its origin in the mental conflicts childhood and in the development unhealthy methods dealing with mental problems. It obvious, therefore, that will greatly the advantage demystifying dissertation writing the particular individual concerned and those with whom come in contact in future years if such conflicts can unearthed and such unhealthy methods reaction corrected at the age five instead at thirty.

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Whatever view one may hold regarding the fundamentals character and personality, are, I think, all agreed that there are certain instincts, innate tendencies, natural inclinations or propensities call them what you will which are lying dormant in the individual from birth ready called into service, usually at the necessary time and with the proper force meet the best needs the individual. The stimuli that actuate these forces may come either from within the individual or from the environment, and for the purpose attempting guide, inhibit, or stimulate these instinctive forces, which may underdeveloped or overdeveloped or imperfectly developed, that study the mental life the child, utilizing behavior as the medium interpretation.

It not purpose enter into the psychology habit formation, but simply mention in passing a few the fundamentals, necessary for the development every human being, that are more in evidence during childhood than at any other period life. Those that strike as being particular importance because their utility are plasticity, suggestibility, imitativeness, and a love approbation. These tour characteristics, dominant during best thesis the first few years life, are invaluable assets in our efforts model and remodel The home represents the workshop in which these personalities are being developed, and the mental atmosphere the home can very easily contaminated.

The ever-changing mods the parents, colored their indifference, their quar rels, depressions, and resentments, and shown their manner speech and action, are decidedly unhealthy too, are the timidity a mother, the arrogance a father, the self-conscionsness a younger sister, and the egotism an older brother. Under such conditions find a mental atmosphere as dangerous the child as if were contaminated scarlet fever, diphtheria, or typhoid. On the other hand, cheerfulness, affection, kindly consideration, cleanliness, a manner and speech that are not forbidding but show interest in the questions the child, frankness and honesty in answering questions with the idea developing freedom in speech and action not inhibited fear punishment or silent contempt all these things play a part in the development the personality the child that cannot overestimated. The environment found mirrored in the character the child, regardless I have already stated that the problems were not as abstract as I had anticipated. Take, for example, the case two youngsters in the same family, one just over five, the other over six years age. The younger, Gertrude, was brought the clinic account persistent bed wetting and walking in help in writing thesis statements her sleep. She would wake frightened and cry out, disturbing the entire household.

The older, Helen, also a persistent bed wetter, for the past fake essay writer three weeks had been vomiting every morning and occasionally during the day, and was very untidy in her dress and general habits. Both children were a great problem the mother. She stated that seemed as if she did nothing but wash sheets all day long, and since Helen had begun vomiting, her daily routine had become even more difficult. The conditions in the home were described a psychiatric social worker as follows The family lived in three miserable rooms with low ceilings, small windows, and floors in a bad good thesis statement condition, showing that apparently no attempt had been made any cleaning for several days. Piles soiled clothing were lying around, and wood and coal were scattered about the stove.

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Note lapboard which very useful while One the physically handicapped ex-patients from Glenrose School Hospital, a school for physically disabled and emotionally http://wbi.edu/i_need_help_with_writing_a_research_paper/ disturbed link children, in Edmonton, Alberta, wrote that she took great pride in her ability function independently now, but related the absolute horror encountered when she first ventured best custom term paper unprepared into the world outside. She was inadequately fitted manage her own finances, and actually realized, with alarm, http://wbi.edu/english_creative_writing_homework_help/ that she did not know how stock a kitchen with supplies or what basic staples were required. Her first shopping spree resulted essay rewriter in financial embarrassment for her at the checkout counter! I, as the Home Economic teacher at Glenrose, had failed prepare that student function adequately in the world outside the hospital! 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