Of the associate members, at least three must appointed from the city Baltimore, and at least four shall graduates some legally authorized medical college and have practiced their profession for at least five years consecutively just preceding their appointment. The board mental hygiene the successor the state lunacy commission, and assumes all the rights and obligations this commission.

A research bureau in mental deficiency has been established the state board control.

The functions the bure. au arc as follows To make all examinations in mental deficiency in connection with commitment persons institutions conduct a mental clinic at its office in St. Paul, and such other clinics in the state as circumstances may permit make other investigations concerning mental deficiency that may aid the board control in the management its institutions. This bureau under the direction Dr. Fred Kuhlinan, formerly head the research department the Minnesota By need help writing a persuasive essay the terms a law enacted the last legislature, special classes in essay writers canada the public schools are provided for children who are not feebleminded, but are the border line mental deficiency, or those who are backward as incapable receiving proper benefit from instruction in the regular grades.

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School districts may establish such classes or more children, and shall receive state aid the amount per year for each teacher thus employed.

When there are or more children with speech defects in any school district, they may receive special instruction. Such children need not segregated into special speech classes, but may taken aside, singly or in groups, during certain periods for speech-corrective training. In, this state enacted a law i need help to write essay authorizing special classes for mental defectives in the public schools. An amendment the education law has been enacted that establishes a department extension teacher training in the State Normal School at Geneseo, under which placed the regular school work at the Craig Colony at Sonyea.

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This law confirms a working arrangement that has been successfully in operation for several years.

A bill that would authorize the appointment help writing a thesis a commission select a site for a state school for mental defectives in western New An amendment the insanity law has been approved that directs essay proofreading service magistrates in New York City, upon the request the director the United States Veterans Bureau, commit for observation alleged insane veterans brought before them the new veterans hospital in the Bronx.

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It also authorizes the state hospital commission transfer veterans the World War from a state hospital the veterans Assembly Bill, which would provide for trial jury determine the question insanity, failed passage. An amendment the insanity law permitting the medical superintendent the Matteawan State Hospital transfer any convict before or after expiration sentence, who a mental defective, the state institution for defective delinquents at Napanoch, has been passed, and also an amendment the prison law allowing the board parole for state prisons parole a male convict thesis assistance this institution. and a female convict the division for defective delinquents at the The governor cheapest custom essay writing has approved Assembly Bill, providing for another civil state hospital known as the Brooklyn State Hospital, Creedmoor Division.

The sum. has been appropriated, being the unexpended balance the three million dollars appropriated Chapter, Laws. This law has grown out the bills for a military hospital this site. The Appropriation Bill, which has been approved, grants, for new construction and improvements at the state hospitals and a special appropriation, for developing occupational therapy. It also allows for five additional social workers. Contracts have been awarded for the construction three new buildings at the State Hospital, at Morganton, including a dormitory for men, a house for staff members, and a central kitchen. The total cost these buildings will.

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