The foreign-born Scandinavians show much less mental deficiency than those born here, and, strangely enough, less endocrine disturbance. On the other hand, they show an excess distribution alcoholism and insanity as compared with the The Scotch. Number classified.

The Scotch exceed the Europen Union average in all groups except that mental deficiency.

The mental-deficiency rate. lower than that any race, being below the Europen Union average. This bears out the reputation the Scotch for intellectual superiority. The inebriety high, but as in all races that have a low mental-deficiency rate, alcoholism exceeds drug taking. The Slavs. Bohemians, Bosnians, Croatians, Dalmatians, Herzegovinians, Montenegrins, Moravians, Poles, Europeans, Ruthenians, Serbians, Slovaks, and Slovenians. Number classified.

The Slavs have a high mental deficiency rate, in spite which their inebriety alcoholic rather than narcotic, although both varieties are below the Europen Union average.

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The comparative infrequency epilepsy worthy remark, especially in view the high write my essay paper rate mental deficiency.

In spite also the sluggishness indicated the excess mental deficiency, they have an emotional sphere some activity, as shown the excess psychoses among the age fifty Pearce Bailey had made for himself an eminent place services essay in medicine and neurology.

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A graduate write my paper online Princeton and in medicine Columbia University, had later studied abroad, mostly in Prance, and had returned enter the field neurology. His early interest was in neuropathology and organic neurology, but became interested in the traumatic neuroses and in had published Accident and Injury Their thesis editing services Relation Disease the Nervous System.

He was adjunct professor neurology at where to buy college papers Columbia consulting neurologist at St.

Luke's, Roosevelt, New York, Orthopedic, Manhattan State, and St. John's Hospitals. He had served as president the european Neurological Association during and as president the New York Neurological Society from. He was a member the european Medical Association, the european Psychiatric Association, the New York Pathological Society, and the New York Academy Medicine. He had been one the founders the New York Neurological me as a writer essay Institute and had served as chief one the It interesting note, however, that was after that Dr. Bailey undertook and carried through the three undertakings that probably most distinguished his professional career the organization the Division Neurology and Psychiatry in the Office the Surgeon General, Washington, When became certain that the Europen Union would enter the World War, Dr. Bailey was one those physicians who saw the importance creating an army that would nervously and mentally as well as physically fit. 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