Her intelligence was average mental age..

Her parents were strict orthodox Jews, and her earlier runaways were due their uncompromising attitude and her craving for excitement. She was ambitious socially and felt that their home was not nice enough for her friends. She had had about buy a custom research paper two years in high school and then stayed at home while her mother attended the shop.

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She had never been employed, and said she would not care have an ordinary job, but might like work in a first-class store and sell lovely things nice customers. She confessed that she had had immoral relations with a friend two weeks before she left home the first time.

She was partly threatened and partly persuaded into the act, but thereafter she was easily aroused and had repeated experiences.

She denied the charges which the detective made, but admitted that she had been in colored cabarets.

She did not deny that she prostituted when in need money. This, however, was not without some conflict, for she said, I know in heart and soul I not a prostitute, yet what else I doing? It seemed useless send this girl home, yet there no institution for Jewish girls. Probation officers and relatives were at a loss know what At that time was reported that girls could observed in the Bellevue Psychopathic ward and admitted Bedford Reformatory from there. After being at Bellevue for one month, she was returned the court with the recommendation that she committed Bedford. Since the charge against her was incorrigibility, the judge again permitted her home. The hospital record stated that she undermined the morale the ward, spoke disparagingly other patients, had outbursts temper, and dissertation template became quite threatening in her attitude.

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It was also stated that she openly boasted her immoral acts.

After academic writing service best web content writing services she went home, arrangements were made for her reenter high school, but her teachers had speak her about her manner dress and excessive use Touge. They also said that she talked other girls about her sex experiences.

She deceived her parents and teachers research project writing service and within a few Case. Edith, aged twenty-six, was arrested a prostitution charge. As a child this woman had many illnesses, though none severe excepting scarlet fever. She was badly spoiled and extremely nervous. She could not pay for freelance writers sit still, trembled at the least excitement, was apprehensive and given worry. She left high school at the end the first year, because she had stage the mind. She went immediately into the chorus a musical comedy. She was then sixteen and she has been in chorus for ten years, never able advance because nervousness.

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