either in a vacuum or in the presence inert gases-such as carbonic Results justified our attempt the septic vibrio grew easily in a complete vacuum, and no less easily in the presence pure carbonic These fast essay writing service results have a necessary corollary. If a fluid containing septic vibrios exposed pure air, the vibrios should killed and all virulence should disappear.

This actually the case.

If some drops septic serum spread horizontally in a tube and in a very thin layer, the fluid will become absolutely harmless in less than half a day, even if at first was virulent as produce death upon the inoculation the smallest portion a drop. Furthermore all the vibrios, which crowded the liquid as motile threads, are destroyed and disappear.

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After the action the air, only fine amorphous granules can found, unfit for culture as well as for the transmission any disease whatever.

It might said that If a terrifying thought that life at the mercy the multiplication these minute bodies, a consoling hope that Science will not always remain powerless before such enemies, since for example at the very beginning the study find that simple exposure air sufficient at times destroy them. But, if oxygen destroys the vibrios, how can septicemia exist, since atmospheric air present everywhere? How can such facts brought in accord with the germ theory? How can blood, exposed air, become septic through the dust the air contains? All things are hidden, obscure and debatable if the cause the phenomena unknown, but everything clear if this cause known.

What have just said true only a septic fluid containing adult vibrios, in active development fission conditions are different when the vibrios are transformed into their germs, that into the glistening corpuscles first described and figured in studies silk-worm disease, in dealing with worms dead the disease called flachérie. Only the adult vibrios disappear, burn By the terms germ and germ corpuscles, Pasteur undoubtedly means spores, but the change not made, in accordance with note, Translator. and lose their virulence in contact vith air the germ corpuscles, under these conditions, remain always ready for new cultures, and All this however does not away with the difficulty understanding how septic germs can exist the surface objects, floating in the air and in water. Where can these corpuscles originate? Nothing easier than the production these germs, in spite the presence air in contact If abdominal serous exudate containing septic vibrios actively growing fission exposed the air, as suggested above, but with the precaution giving a substantial thickness the layer, even if only one centimeter used, this curious phenomenon will appear in a few hours.

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The oxygen absorbed in the upper layers the fluid-as indicated the change color. Here the vibrios are dead and disappear.

In the deeper layers, the other hand, towards the bottom this centimeter septic fluid suppose under observation, the vibrios continue multiply fissionprotected from the action oxygen those that have perished above them little little they pass over the condition germ corpuscles personal statement writer service with the gradual disappearance the thread forms.

So that instead moving threads varying length, sometimes greater than the field the microscope, there seen only a number glittering points, lying free or surrounded a scarcely perceptible amorphous Thus formed, containing the latent germ life, no longer in danger from the destructive action oxygen, thus, I repeat, formed the septic dust, and are able understand what has before seemed obscure can see how putrescible fluids can inoculated the dust the air, and how that putrid diseases The Academy will permit before leaving these interesting results, refer one their main theoretical consequences.

At In our note July, stated that the septic vibrio not destroyed the oxygen the air nor oxygen at high tension, but that under these conditions transformed into germ corpuscles, This however, an incorrect interpretation facts. The vibrio destro oxygen, and only where in a thick essay revision service layer that transformed germ-corpuscles in the presence oxygen and that its the very beginning these researches, for they reveal an entirely new field, what must insistently demanded? The absolute proof that there actually exist transmissible, contagious, infectious diseases vhich the cause lies essentially and solely in the presence microscopic organisms. The proof that for at least some diseases, the conception spontaneous virulence must forever abandoned-as,veIl as the idea contagion and an infectious element suddenly originating in the bodies men or animals and able originate diseases which propagate themselves under identical forms and all those opinions fatal medical progress, which have given rise the gratuitous hypotheses spontaneous generation, albuminoid ferments, hemiorganisms, archebiosis, and many other conceptions without the least basis in observation. What sought for in this instance the proof that along with our vibrio there does not exist an independent virulence belonging the surrounding fluids or solids, in short that the vibrio not merely an epiphenomenon the disease which the obligatory accompaniment. What then see, in the results that I have just brought out? A septic fluid, academic writing help uk taken at the moment that the vibrios are not yet changed into germs, loses its virulence completely upon simple exposure the air, but preserves this virulence, although exposed air the simple condition being in a thick layer for some hours. In the first case, the virulence once lost exposure air, the liquid incapable taking again upon cultivation but, in the second case, preserves its virulence and can propagate, even after exposure air. It impossible, then, assert that there a separate virulent substance, either fluid or solid, existing, apart from the adult vibrio or its germ. Nor can supposed buy an english research paper that there a virus which loses its virulence at the moment that essay writing service law the adult vibrio dies for such a term paper helper substance should also lose its virulence when the vibrios, changed germs, are exposed the air. Since the virulence persists under these conditions can only due the germ corpuscles-the only thing present.

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