Paul, the Home This work now being done the Veterans Bureau, which was created Act Congress, August, take over the functions the Bureau War Risk Insurance and the Rehabilitation Division the Board Vocational Education, and all the activities the Public Health Service relating exservice men, with the exception the conduct such hospitals and dispensaries Agnes Murray.

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Case Work Above the Poverty Line. Proceedings the National Conference Social Work, Kansas City, May.

Service receives a day sheet recording the names and addresses all men who are examined at the Public Health Service clinic, and the name the examining physician. If the man not already known, a new case at once opened, a complete medical report the man's condition obtained from the Public Health Service, and a home investigation made within the month. All cases coming our attention in this way were not immediately registered at the confidential exchange, since felt that such registration would mean personal statement help 123 essay writing services uk turning the exchange into a recording bureau for the men who received medical treatment from the Public Health Service.

However, after the home investigation, the case was usually cleared through the exchange.

If there was no registration already, and the case worker felt that there was no problem demanding attention, made no registration. This arrangement applied the psychiatric as well as the general medical cases.

In October, the psychiatric social work in the chapter had increased in volume that the Anderson Fund worker was allotted an untrained assistant, whose salary, however, was paid the Red Cross Northern Division, not the chapter.

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In November, the Anderson Fund worker found that was necessary give her work in the United Charities Free Dispensary in order devote her full time i need help writing a narrative essay the ex-service men. In January, about a year after psychiatric social work was first introduced into St.

Paul, she resigned, and the chapter itself paid the salary a full-time worker, giving her one their regularly employed visitors as half-time assistant. These two workers handled an average one hundred cases a month.

A separate card index was kept for the nervous and mental patients. Each card contained a brief statement all steps taken the case, that should come during the absence the worker, any one in the office might tell what had been the last action taken.

These cards were kept date, even if the record itself might behind. These cards were very helpful at first when tho psychiatric social worker gave only half time the Red Cross work. At prosent a question whether college papers writing service keeping them does not tako too much time, since there usually a worker familiar with the case availahlo in tho office. In addition this index, all mental and nervous cases were flagged with green markers in the general file, that no worker, in looking a ease unknown her, would attempt prescribe social treatment for a psychiatric patient without first consulting with the psychiatric social worker. We made no distinction between long and short-service cases. We tried what had done and a little bit more, but beyond this could not because pressure work. Once a case was referred the psychiatric social worker, she handled in its entirety. 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